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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Jennifer Walters with sound clips and images.

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Jennifer Walters is Bruce Banner's cousin and is the alter ego of She-Hulk. Jennifer is a lawyer (though in some comics she's a scientist for SHIELD) and she has a good relationship with her cousin. Jennifer's personality can vary, in some she can be out spoken and sassy (though this tends to increase when she changes into She-Hulk), a more nerdy personality and she has even had a shy and timid personality.

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Victoria Carroll: Victoria gives Jen a soft and kind voice that fits the character very well and does a good job differing from her She-Hulk voice. That said her performance is...I don't think it's bad but there are some questionable moments.

Lisa Zane: Lisa plays Jennifer as a feisty yet kind version and I like it a lot. She did a great job playing her as a women who does love her cousin but can crack a joke here or there. I think she did better as Jen than She-Hulk, not to say her She-Hulk was bad per say though.

Cree Summer: Cree does a similar performance as Lisa, being fun-loving and feisty but kind, the issue I have is she doens't differ from her She-Hulk voice enough.

Rebecca Shoichet: Not much to say since she didn't get much as Jennifer, sounds like she had potential.

Nicole Oliver: Nicole is the only one not to play She-Hulk (though from her past work I can see her working very well as She-Hulk). Her voice and performance fits this version of the character though she can over do her attitude but it is more the material than Nicole herself.

Personally I'm somewhat disappointed that none of these actresses played Jennifer's shy version, I always liked that portrayal. Just the idea of her accident actually helping her gain more confidence makes her more likable, to me at least but I'm getting off track.
I like Lisa the most, she just hit all the right buttons to me but the other actresses all were fitting in their own right just had one or two problems.

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