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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Ruffnut with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: How to Train Your Dragon

Ruffnut Thorston is a supporting protagonist in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. She is the other half of the infamous Tuffnut and Ruffnut twins. She's got a gruff personality to go along with her gruff voice, and can be quite stubborn. She is also quite smitten with Eret, Son of Eret

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At the moment, Ruffnut holds the record for having the most voice actors per single HTTYD character. The original voice is comedian Kristen Wiig, providing Ruffnut's vocal charm in both theatrical films, as well as some other media. Kristen has proven herself recently to be a very versatile VA, and Ruffnut is no exception. 

Katherine Von Till took over the role in the How to Train Your Dragon video game. Though not perfect, Katherine is still a decent replacement. 

For the first season of Dreamworks' Dragons (referred to as Dragons: Riders of Berk), Julie Marcus voices Ruffnut. I find that Julie lacks the raspiness in her voice that the other actresses have. 

Andree Vermeulen replaced Julie for the second season (referred to as Dragons: Defenders of Berk), as well as voicing Ruffnut in Dawn of the Dragon Racers. Andree nails the raspiness in her voice, but I feel that there's still something missing from her performance. I can't quite put my finger on what exactly, though. 

My vote goes to Kristen, but the other three actresses were pretty good, too. I'd probably rank Katherine in second place, Andree in third and Julie in fourth place.



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