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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Kagura with sound clips and images.

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Kagura is one of the main protagonists of Gintama. Despite her human appearance, she is not from Earth; rather, she is a member of the Yato, a race of Amanto aliens that are renowned for their incredible strength. Unlike her mercenary-like brethren, she uses her strength to protect her friends. She works with Gintoki and Shinpachi as part of Odd Jobs, but her impulsive antics, gluttonous nature, and tendency to vomit make her a handful.

For Sentai Filmworks' dub of the Benizakura compilation movie, Luci Christian portrayed Kagura. Ocean Productions dubbed the third series of the show, where Jocelyne Loewen played Kagura. For the Hulu dub of the first series, Kagura was played by Crystal Lopez.

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Gintama° (2017)
KaguraJocelyne Loewen
Jocelyne Loewen (NEW CLIP)
Gintama (2019)
KaguraCrystal Lopez
Crystal Lopez (NEW CLIP)


While Luci Christian has one of the better performances in the movie's dub her voice is somewhat generic. It could belong to any female protagonist and doesn't feel specific to Kagura's personality. Crystal Lopez's voice fits Kagura's young age and demeanor well, but her acting isn't exactly polished sounding, a common issue in that particular dub. Jocelyne Loewen hits the right balance with a solid performance and a voice that goes with Kagura's often immature personality, though capable of being serious when the moment calls for it.

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