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Gintoki Sakata

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Gintoki Sakata with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Gintama

Gintoki Sakata is the main protagonist of Gintama. Gintoki spent his childhood learning from Shoyo Yoshida alongside Kotaro Katsura and Shinsuke Takasugi. During his adolescence, he fought alongside Katsura, Takasugi, and Tatsuma Sakamoto in the Joi Wars against the Amanto, earning the title of the White Yasha. After the end of the war, he opens up Yorozuya (Odd Jobs) Gin-chan, taking all manner of requests. Gintoki is irreverent, lazy, and self indulgent; he never pays his rent, he never pays his employees Shinpachi and Kagura, and he blows all his money on pachinko, sweet treats and booze. Nevertheless, he has the silver soul of a samurai, an unbreakable sword that draws many to his side.

When Sentai Filmworks dubbed the Benizakura compilation movie, Chris Patton played Gintoki. Crunchyroll then gave the third series of Gintama to Ocean Productions, where Michael Daingerfield portrayed him. For the Hulu dub of the first series, Gintoki was played by Roly Gutierrez.

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Chris Patton
Michael Daingerfield
Roly Gutierrez