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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Youshi with sound clips and images.
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Youshi is one of the protagonists of the Giant Robo anime OVA and one of the members of the International Police Organization. Youshi is the wife of fellow IPO member Taisou and is very much a Boisterous Bruiser like her dear husband but has also worked with the likes of fellow IPO members such as Issei and fights with a Long staff. Youshi is known as the "Blue Beast" but while she is not as seen as Giant Robo's main female character Gin Rei she does play a good role in the story and is one of the few only female characters in the OVA. Youshi's design is based off of Yang Zhi whom is one of the characters of the classic example of Chinese Literature Suikoden/Water Margin.

Created by Pokejedservo on Jun 14 2011


Today on the Giant Robo VC section we have a little something for the "Blue Beast" and Taisou's beloved wife... YOUSHI! We shall begin this with the 90's dub for most of the series Carol Stanzione was the first to voice the role of Youshi here. While I do think that Carol's voice is a bit too high (I admit I do think that a brawny woman like her would have at least a somewhat lower voice than that) however her performance does make up for it somewhat. Carol's performance does have a rather strong feel that and it does have a suitably over the top feel which does suit the role and the series pretty well. While Carol's work as Youshi is not one of the best performances of that dub but its not bad. In the last episode of the series Mary Elizabeth McGlynn gets to briefly take over the role as Youshi had a cameo appearance (though I can't say why due to spoilers). While Mary's voice for the role is a bit higher than normal due to the fact that she was shouting her voice for the role was a rather bit more suiting for Youshi. While Mary only has done a couple of lines as Youshi she does show potential that she would have done well with the role if she had more material.

In the 2000's dub of the Giant Robo OVA from Anime Works Erica Schroeder was the one whom got to take over the role here. Erica's voice for the role is a bit of a mixed bag as while her voice is still a bit high it can be okay when she doesn't seem to be slipping into her Luffy voice from One Piece and she slips into her Luffy voice more than once. However Erica's performance for the role wasn't bad though as it does have a fairly strong and pretty over-the-top feel for the role which is pretty suiting. While Erica's work as Youshi is certainly not one of her better performances but its not a bad performance in general. Overall none of them seem perfect but I do like Mary Elizabeth McGlynn the most even though she only voiced Youshi for a brief cameo.



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