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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Professor Shizuma with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Giant Robo

Professor Shizuma is one of the secondary protagonists of the Giant Robo Anime OVA. Professor Shizuma is a renowned scientist whom lead the team scientists whom created the Shizuma Drive which is a revolutionary system which is a nuclear powered device which is a non-polluting energy source that can power any land,sea and air vehicle which changed the world. However 10 years ago when the Shizuma drive was created it also caused a lot of destruction in the world and one of the scientists involved in the project died as the incident was called "The Tragedy of Bashtarle" and Shizuma is very guilt-stricken about it. In the present timeline of the OVA Shizuma is the first person that the International Police Organization tries to save from the forces of evil namely Big Fire.

Created by Pokejedservo on Jun 12 2011


Today on the Giant Robo VC section we have a little something for the creator of the Shizuma Drive... PROFESSOR SHIZUMA! We shall begin this with the 90's dub of Giant Robo in which Dan Lorge is the first to voice the role of Shizuma here. Granted those who are fans of the Pioneer/Geneon dubs of Lupin the 3rd might be amused on how its not hard to tell that Dan's Professor Shizuma voice sounds rather similar to his Zenigata voice (at least I certainly was). Anyways Dan's voice for the role still does work as an old professor as his performance does have a suitably guilt-stricken feel which is very suitable for the role here. While Dan Lorge's work as Shizuma is not one of the best performances of the 90's dub of Giant Robo but is a pretty good example of that dub's voice work anyways.

Now for the 2000's dub on the Giant Robo Anime OVA from Anime Works Mike Pollock gets to take over the role here. Mike Pollock's voice for the role does suit the role pretty well as it does have an older intellectual feel to it as his performance also had a suitably guilt-stricken feel to it as well. (However I do notice that the tones that both of these men did with their respective voices and performances are a little different as Dan Lorge does sound a bit more fearful, not that I am complaining about Mike Pollock's work as Shizuma at all but still.) Anyways alike his Californian counterpart I can say that Mike Pollock's work as Shizuma is a good but not great example of the voice work in the 2000's dub of the OVA. Overall this time around I am not entirely sure as both of these guys did pretty well in their own ways.



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