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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Ken Washio with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Gatchaman

Leader of the Science Ninja Team, Ken, while usually able to maintain focus and remain calm, is not above losing his temper or letting emotions, especially ones that trigger his own personal traumas and tragedies, get the better of him.

Gatchaman's first English-language version, 1978's Battle of the Planets from Sandy Frank Entertainment, removed most if not all of the character's occasional anger and impulsiveness and repurposed him as Mark, voiced by the late Casey Kasem. The first Gatchaman series would receive a second English dub in the form of 1986's G-Force: Guardians of Space, a production from the late Fred Ladd. While restoring much of the violence cut from Battle of the Planets, G-Force still tellingly rechristened Ken as the aptly-named Ace Goodheart--here voiced by Sam Fontana. In 1996, the TV sequels Gatchaman II and Gatchaman Fighter were combined into Saban's Eagle Riders. Renamed Hunter Harris, Eagle Riders' Ken is again repurposed for English-speaking audiences as a stalwart hero-type--voiced by Richard Cansino.

One year later, Urban Vision Entertainment's 1997 dub of the Gatchaman remake OVA series would mark the first English-language production to dub the character authentically, with Ken played this time by Eddie Frierson. Eight years later, ADV's 2005 dub of the entire original Gatchaman TV series would continue this practice--with Ken voiced by Leraldo Anzaldua. Earlier that same year, Central Park Media released the Time Bokan Royal Revival OVA, dubbed by Matlin Recording and featuring cameos from many Tatsunoko characters, including Ken--played this time by Jonathan Todd Ross. ADV/Sentai would go on to dub two more original Gatchaman properties with their cast, a dub of Gatchaman: The Movie and a redub of Gatchaman OVA remake.

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Casey Kasem
Sam Fontana
Richard Cansino
Eddie Frierson
Leraldo Anzaldua
Jonathan Todd Ross