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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Scrap Iron with sound clips and images.
Franchise: G.I. Joe

Created by Pokejedservo on Mar 29 2011


Today we have another G.I Joe VC and this time its for another member of Cobra and this time its their Anti-Armor Specialist... SCRAP IRON! We shall start this off with the original G.I Joe series in which Michael Bell voiced Scrap Iron in which I must say is kind of a mixed bag here. First of all I am well aware that Michael Bell has done several roles in this series but still I am not entirely certain if that rather high raspy voice that Michael Bell tried to do for this role is all that fitting to be honest. But to be fair Michael's performance for the role is not bad though as Scrap Iron was never really any more than just a minor villainous henchman but Michael's performance for the role does suit a evil henchman pretty well. (Even if Scrap Iron does occasionally show off his questionable taste in puns.) In other words its certainly not one of Michael Bell's most memorable performances in the show let alone in general but its not a really bad one either.

Nearly 3 decades later Scrap Iron appeared in G.I Joe Renegades voiced by Phil LaMarr as one of Destro's scientists, granted Scrap Iron was that in the original series but that aspect is a bit more memorable in this show though. I admit I was a little surprised when I heard that Phil LaMarr will be voicing Scrap Iron in this series but his performance does certainly work with the role here as he can go from a Affably Evil fellow posing as a kindly preacher to a Pragmatic Evil Scientist trying to reason with his boss. (Though I also noticed on how when Phil was voicing Scrap Iron as a kindly preacher his Scrap Iron voiced kind of sounded like a lighter version of his Jazz voice from Transformers Animated, not complaining of course but still.) While Scrap Iron may be a one-shot role in this series Phil does give a fairly memorable performance here. Overall as much as I like both VA's in this VC I think I will go with Phil LaMarr a bit more this time.



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