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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Hard Master with sound clips and images.
Franchise: G.I. Joe

Thanks to the new series, G.I. Joe Renegades we are able to bring you a slightly more obscure G.I. Joe voice compare, in, the Hard Master!

The Hard Master was the leader of the Arashikage Clan in Japan.  He trained both Storm Shadow, who was his nephew, and Snake Eyes in martial arts.  His murder was the key factor in driving a wedge between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes.  Leading one to the Joe team and the other to Cobra.

Created by OptimusSolo on Dec 20 2010


I must say that I fully intended on voting for Young on this one because on the surface I just figured he would have been the one that provided this character with the better voice.  That being said, I believe both men did a great job with this characters but in the end I am actually partial to Adler for this one.

1st: Adler, 2nd: Young



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Who do you think has been the best from these Hard Master voice actors?
Charlie Adler
Keone Young