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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Dial-Tone with sound clips and images.

Franchise: G.I. Joe

Dial Tone is the codename of two operatives from G.I Joe the first Dial Tone came out in 1986 while the 2nd came out in the 2000s. The 1st Dial-Tone was a man by the name of Jack S. Morelli while the 2nd is Jill S. Morelli (at least according to the G.I Joe Rise of Cobra game they are siblings) oh yes and Jack S. Morelli is from Eugene, Oregon. Both operatives whom go by the name of Dial Tone have the same Primary MOS which is Radio Telecommunications while the original Dial Tone's Secondary MOS is Infantry. The original Dial Tone is generally a nice guy but is also often considered to be a dorky nerd while the 2nd Dial Tone can be professional and serious but is also a friendly and easy going gal.

Created by Pokejedservo on Aug 25 2011


Today on the G.I Joe VC section we have a little something for the Radio Telecommunications expert of G.I Joe... DIAL TONE! We shall begin with the original G.I Joe series with the original version of Dial Tone whom was voiced by Hank Garrett. (Yeah this VC will be one of those "Which Version do you prefer?" Voice Compares that much I will say now.) Anyways Hank's somewhat nasally voice does sound suitably nerdy (but not too much so) as Hank's performance as Dial Tone does sound intellectual and occasionally a bit dorky as well (however I can assure you I am not considering the latter to be a bad thing here). So in other works Hank's work as Dial Tone is another pretty good example of the voice work in the original G.I Joe series.

Dial Tone was never really seen again in a G.I Joe production with Voice Acting until 2009's G.I Joe Resolute however this was the first appearance of the new female Dial Tone voiced by Grey Deslisle. First of all I liked on how Grey certainly sounded cute for this role now of course I will note on how Grey's performance as Dial Tone does sound serious and professional but I liked on how it doesn't seem too Stoic as well. Basically Grey's work as Dial Tone is another fine example of her work on the show and a fine example of the voice work in G.I Joe Resolute. In the G.I Joe Rise of the Cobra Game also had the Female Dial Tone this time voiced by Aimee Miles. I must admit I do find Aimee's voice for Dial Tone fairly lovely as Aimee's performance for the role did have a nice and calm feel to it which does work with the role pretty well and is one of the better performances in that game. Overall all 3 of them did pretty well with the role however I suppose I will go with Grey Deslisle the most here.



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