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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Barney Rubble with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Flintstones

Barney Rubble is one of the main characters in the classic Flintstones franchise. He is the blonde-haired, short and stout neighbour of Fred Flintstone. Together with his wife Betty, they have one son named Bamm-Bamm Rubble.  A happy-go-lucky kind of guy, Barney never seems to be stressed or angered by much, which can come off as irritating to Fred, given their dichotomy of personalities. 

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Voice-acting legend Mel Blanc was the first to provide Barney with a voice. What's interesting to note, is that Barney actually has two distinctly different vocal performances in the show. His first voice was a higher-pitched, almost nasally "Joisey"-esque accent. Later on in the series, however, Mel changed the performance to what many identify as the voice for Barney - that deeper, chuckle-like voice. Some sources claimed that it changed because the original voice was "too annoying". 

When a terrible car accident left Mel in a full-body cast, Daws Butler took over the role in a few episodes of the original series. Daws is a legend in his own right, and one has to commend him for trying to fill the shoes of Mel as best as he can. However, I find that Daws' performance sounds too much like his Yogi Bear voice. I mean, they are similar voices to begin with, it's just that Yogi's voice had that musical cadence to it, and Daws carries that over to his Barney voice, which makes it a bit distracting. I don't hear Barney Rubble, I hear Yogi Bear as Barney. 

Hamilton Camp voices Barney in the two kids-themed shows/special. I find "kid" versions of characters to be really hit-and-miss in terms of sounding like their respective "grown-up" versions, but Hamilton does pretty well. It's a light enough voice that makes him seem young, without being too light, and he nails the "d'oy huh huh huh huh"-personality, too.

After Mel, Frank Welker is the VA to voice Barney the most times, in a variety of different games, movies and TV shows. Personally, I think that Frank is the closest VA on this list to sounding identical to Mel. He's a tad slower than Mel, but almost indistinguishable aside from that.

Now this is definitely a surprising casting choice...Kevin Michael Richardson. Known for his "big, tough bruiser" voices, hearing that KMR is going to be playing Barney Rubble would probably have most people scratching their heads. But hey, kudos on the casting and voice director for playing against type. I love that. The voice that Kevin does seems to be going back to Barney's original voice - that higher, nasally "Joisey" accent. I know that some out there may not be fond of this, but I still give credit to the fact that they cast Kevin in a unique role and had him do a voice for Barney that hadn't been heard in quite some time.

BJ Mitchell plays a younger version of Barney in The 1st 13th Annual Fancy Anvil Awards Show Program Special. And, unfortunately, there's not really much to be said about his performance. It's a standard "child" voice, without any identifying quirks to make you think 'Barney Rubble'. 

Jeff Bergman, known for his many Looney Tunes, Jetsons, etc., voice replacements, steps foot into the Flintstones ring, too. After Frank, I'd say Jeff's the second-best replacement on this list.

For the many iterations of the Cocoa Pebbles commercials, Brad Abrell was brought in at some points. He does a pretty good job.  

Go-to Scooby-Doo franchise VA Scott Innes also got a whack at Barney in a Qosmio commercial. Scott does pretty well in the role. Not much else to say beyond that. 

None of the VAs for Barney are bad by any means, so my ranking is more-or-less a "the not-quite-as-amazing-but-still-good". 

1.) Mel Blanc
2.) Frank Welker
3.) Jeff Bergman
4.) Kevin Michael Richardson
5.) Scott Innes
6.) Brad Abrell
7.) Daws Butler
8.) Hamilton Camp
9.) BJ Mitchell



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