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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Raoh with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Fist of the North Star

Raoh is the eldest of the four North Star disciples adopted by Ryuken. He is however the biological brother of Toki but only an adoptive brother to Jagi and Kenshiro. Raoh was also the biggest of the brothers (at 6'11) and one of the strongest antagonists in Fist of the North Star series.

Raoh had hoped to become the successor to Hokuto Shinken/Divine Fist of the North Star (a 2000 year old martial art, passed only to one successor each generation) but Kenshiro (the youngest brother) was chosen instead.

The law of Hokuto Shinken states that those who don't become the successor can never use Hokuto Shinken again. Those who break the rules either have their memories removed or have their fists crushed.

Raoh still had ambitions to become the greatest martial artist in the world and refused to give up the martial art style. When Ryuken attempted to stop him Raoh killed his master, and then began his quest to conquer the world and become its savior. Some of the titles he gave himself and was known as were Ken-Oh (King of Fist) and the Dark King.

Raoh's English voice debut was in 1991 for Streamline Pictures dub of Fist of The North Star The Movie. He was voiced by Wally Burr.

Raoh's next English voice was heard in Manga's dub of the Fist of the North Star TV series. Unfortunately only 36 episodes were dubbed in English which ended right before Raoh appeared as a prominent character.
However Raoh is heard and briefly seen in a flashback in episode 32. Since this was a non-union dub (hence the multiple aliases and with the voice director having an NDA) voice info is difficult to confirm.
There is a strong possibility based on the names listed in the ending credits of episode 32 that Raoh was voiced by Ivan Buckley.

When Sentai Filmworks licensed and later dubbed Legends of the Dark King: A Fist of the North Star Story, Andrew Love was cast as the voice of Raoh.

For the video game Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage Raoh was voiced by Dave B. Mitchell

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