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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Mist with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Fire Emblem

Ike's upbeat, bubbly sister, Mist is a main character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, and returns in its sequel, Radiant Dawn. Always sunny, she works as a cleric in order to keep Ike and his fellow Greil Mercenaries healthy, out of a strong desire to protect the family she loves.

Created by NCZ on Mar 17 2017


Even though the acting in Path of Radiance was a bit rough, they had the right idea with Elsbeth here. The voice itself natural, doesn't sound too exaggerated or tropey, so at the end of the day it sounds believable. Though Mist's role in Radiant Dawn was smaller and Lani's talents were spread across several characters (so convenience might have played a part), it's a shame she didn't get a chance to come back and potentially improve herself like Jason Adkins did for Ike. Personally I don't really feel Sarah Williams in this role too much since the voice sounds a bit put-on in comparison. Ultimately I think that warts and all, Elsbeth's take is the most natural here.



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Elsbeth Nathanson
Lani Minella
Sarah Williams