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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Ike with sound clips and images.
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The Radiant Hero himself, Ike is the main character of the ninth and tenth Fire Emblem games, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. The leader of the Greil Mercenaries, Ike debuts as a tentative young man whose spirit is enflamed by the death of his father at the Black Knight's hands, and over the years he matures into a valiant, respected hero of the land. Ike fights passionately in the name of the love he feels for those who are close to him, his unmatched skills in battle providing the shell for a kind and caring heart.

Created by NCZ on Sep 1 2018


This is, I feel, the most complicated Fire Emblem casting change.

Though I feel it's a little too husky for Ike, speaking broadly I really like the sound of Greg's voice. He's a really good VA and I've been really impressed with what I've heard of him in such short a time, but personally I think Ike is his one FE role where I do sort of feel a bit of pause. I generally prefer when there isn't a lot of overlap between Lords/main characters having the same voice, and if I had to pick one I think Greg is a bit more at home with Ephraim. I think he has improved a bit as he has had more chances to voice Ike (compare his Skill sounds between his first/POR and his latest/RD appearance), but I still feel like there is something a little restrained in the performance. As well, I think his voice personally fits a little more as younger, POR Ike, than older Ike as we see him in Radiant Dawn. I am hoping Smash Bros. Ultimate can prove me wrong, although the principle of how it happened sort of bothers me I guess that's business.

First things first, Jason was extremely rough in Path of Radiance. But that being said, he improved a lot in Radiant Dawn and Brawl. There is a maturation and refinement that creates an extremely smooth transition between his ages in POR and RD that I feel more strongly in his portrayal. I really appreciate that they made an effort to get him back in Code Name STEAM and FE Fates and I'm a little crushed he'll be replaced in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Ike is one of my favourite characters to play as in the series, and his in-battle calls and yells have this raw quality that is just so, so good. Even though his acting isn't always the most polished, I really feel that adds a sense of vulnerability that really strikes me. The final scenes of POR and RD where he talks to Elincia and Yume (second of which is used in the clip) just really strike me in a unique way. It's a prime example of how the technical side of things isn't always everything. It reminds us that Ike is still a character who feels such a strong, personal connection to those around him, and ultimately while it can lead him to volatility in his less mature moments, at the end of the day his heart comes from a place of noble, pure goodness.

Overall, I think at the end of the day I have to side with Jason on this one. It's a very tough call, but ultimately I actually really like the somewhat unpolished, yet genuine nature of his performance. For a hero like Ike, I really do feel that quality adds a lot and is a big part of why he is one of my favourite FE heroes.

(It is REALLY a missed opportunity SSBU doesn't compromise by having Greg as POR Ike and Jason as RD Ike.)



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