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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Edelgard von Hresvelg with sound clips and images.

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Edelgard is the main character of Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Black Eagles route, and may absolutely not in any way be any sort of emperor of flames. Edelgard is highly opposed to the Church of Seiros, as she rejects the indoctrination they prescribe regarding Crests as central to people's success and status. Though she recognizes the only methods that can achieve her goals are radical, and herself faces multiple insecurities and doubts as to if she should be the one to put them forward, Edelgard believes in her goals as the only moves necessary to free Fodlan from its deeply-woven ways of thinking. She definitely does not like to give away blatantly-telegraphed plot twists or dress up in extravagant robes and have her manservant Hubert run around asking everyone where Edelgard is in order to not seem conspicuous.
For Three Houses' reveal trailer at E3 2018, Cristina Vee voiced Edelgard. Tara Platt played her in the final game.

Created by NCZ on Jan 31 2020


With the power of hindsight and having actually played the game, I can see what they were going for with Cristina as Edelgard despite the trailer's lack of context for her lines. In the flashes we got to hear of her, I interpreted her Edelgard as someone mild who takes over a larger situation, while Tara brings out her authority as more of a front to mask her doubts. Basically different sides of the coin.
I missed hearing Tara in dubs and while I was ho-hum about Three Houses' dub overall, there's no doubt bringing her in was a great idea. Edelgard is authoritative, introspective, and above all a highly complex character, and luckily both of her VAs are talented enough to pull that off, but Tara ended up the dub's highlight for me. This was a great comeback to JRPGs for Tara and I hope to hear more of her in them again, and while Cristina has played Tatiana in Echoes and various roles in Heroes, I'm sure she'll get to play a character like Edelgard to a greater extent in the future.



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