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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Duma with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Fire Emblem

Duma is one of the two gods of Valentia, along with his sister Mila. The two gods disagree with each other over how to rule the land, so they split Valentia into two nations based on each of their philosophies - Mila ruling the pacifistic Zofia, and Duma taking the power-hungry Rigel. Duma is followed by a cult of people, including Jedah, and his anointed emperor Rudolf, who instigate a war against Zofia and set the events of Fire Emblem Gaiden into motion. Duma takes form as a dragon and is slain by the holy sword, the Falchion.

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Darin de Paul: Darin's voice is wonderfully rich and distinct. He adds a sense of macho pride that sells Duma as the more aggressive of the two gods, separates him from his other, more calculated villain roles while keeping enough of their essence to not be full Reinhardt, and the weathered texture of his voice further lends him a holy air. Darin manages to say so much about Duma in so little.

Josh Petersdorf: Replacing his fellow tank, Josh doesn't totally do a straight impression, but the beats of his voice are really similar. The biggest difference I feel is that Josh's younger voice makes Duma feel a little more "mortal", but no less brutal and brawny, the aspect that his portrayal really hones in on. I'm really glad they decided to go with a more underappreciated VA like him rather than COT's usual roster of deep voices, since it helps shake things up.



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Who do you think has been the best from these Duma voice actors?
Darin De Paul
Josh Petersdorf