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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Camus with sound clips and images.
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Char Az--err, Camus, is a master of identities. Camus is noble to the point of sticking up for causes that aren't always the wisest moral decisions, and his refusal to stand down from these ideals results in his loss to Marth's army. Years later, he's found by Tatiana in Valentia and named Zeke, as he has no memory of his past. Zeke promises to follow Alm as soon as he recognizes his birthmark. He then resurfaces in Archanea one last time, having regained his memories, under the new name of Sirius.

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This is a little like how I feel about Magnus. While Patrick does a fine job on his own merits, and I don't think I would be any the wiser if he played Camus to begin with, I do sort of feel as if he was cast specifically to follow in Travis's footsteps in the same vein as Alexis's Palla in the same game. That being said, it's not totally a straight impression in the same way as the other two, which thankfully makes his turn feel less jarring and more unique. His register is even lower than he usually does and definitely lends Zeke a very regal presence, but for me Travis's cocky, almost "jocklike" yet still steadfast performance is just too much fun and really is a bit of his personal flair that I love.



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Who do you think has been the best from these Camus voice actors?
Travis Willingham
Patrick Seitz