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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Zack Fair with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Final Fantasy

Zack plays a major role in the backstory of Final Fantasy VII, and is the protagonist of its prequel, Crisis Core.
A first-class SOLDIER, he befriended Cloud during the Nibelheim incident. Zack has a passionate, cheerful personality, with a romanticized code of honour and view of heroism. Zack believes that by joining SOLDIER, he can become a hero - something that he struggles to reconcile when he discovers SOLDIER's true nature and sees how Shinra affects the people around him. During the aftermath of the Nibelheim incident, Zack takes Cloud to Midgar - but on the way, he is killed in action before Cloud's eyes. Zack's death is the final domino which sets the stage for the events of FFVII to occur. Cloud's personality and memories are in fact born out of Zack - taking on an idealized form of his identity as his own.

Created by NCZ on May 2 2020


Rick Gomez's performance is a huge part of what made Zack a star, bringing one of the best performances in the entire Compilation. His performance as Zack is totally well-rounded, nailing every facet of his personality and his role in the story. He's passionate, he's laidback, he's funny, he's angry, he's heartbreaking. Crisis Core, warts and all, is one of the most bittersweet entries in the entire FF series, and he matches its tone perfectly.

Recasting Zack was always going to be difficult, but it's not impossible. Unfortunately, while he only has a cameo at the very end of FFVII Remake, Caleb Pierce's first impression is not a good one. It really doesn't help that VII Remake recreates the ending of Crisis Core, so there's a direct comparison between the two. I'm not going to say Caleb Pierce is a fundamentally bad choice, I don't know any of his work as an actor, but um... they're going to need to do a lot of work on the directing end. His delivery is underbaked and his tone of voice is awkward. It's not confident - which is the opposite of who Zack is. I don't want to get scathing or anything, but it's just not good. I'm sure the directors can turn things around, but the fact that the game's VO ends on such an underwhelming note with Zack is a real tragedy considering how otherwise on the ball their work mostly turned out. Oh well.



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