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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Rude with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Final Fantasy

A member of Shinra's covert ops squad, the Turks. Though his name would make you think he's more of a pitbull, Rude has a professional, businesslike attitude and style. However, he keeps his true feelings held back, as he always looks out for his comrades and genuinely cares for them as people. He also has a crush on Tifa.

Created by NCZ on Apr 29 2020


This is one of the major Remake VCs where I think you can't go wrong either way; both of these performances are solid. William Stephens nails Rude's professionalism and directness in a way that comes across the most confident. However, no doubt thanks to the Turks' role as comic relief in Advent Children, Crispin got to play off how his attitude cracks under the surface. William hasn't had quite the same chance yet, as Remake only covers the start of the story, before we see the Turks start to let down their hair (or, uh, goatee, in Rude's case). I think I might lean a little towards William just because his voice feels a bit more specific, but we're basically left with two solid performances that exude Rude.



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Crispin Freeman
William C. Stephens