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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Reno with sound clips and images.

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As a member of the Turks, Reno is one of the people hired to take care of Shinra's dirty work, and he revels in it. Despite his devil-may-care attitude, Reno takes great pride in his work and is known as the Turks' ace. He's also a little bit of a hedonist - the second he's off the clock, he loves nothing more than to take his time completely to  himself. His fiery, wisecracking demeanour greatly contrasts the reserved personalities of both Cloud, and his partner in crime Rude. Reno served as the inspiration for a certain other character in another well-known Square Enix series, and this intentionally extended to their casting.

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(SPECIAL NOTE: I want to give a special mention and dedication to the memory of Reno's Japanese VA, Keiji Fujiwara, who passed away mere days after FFVII Remake's release.)
THIS is where stuff starts getting tricky. While many of the Compilation's choices were good, the vast majority of the Remake's casting choices ranged from good to even better, which is why the blow was overall pretty soft for me. Reno, on the other hand, is a prime example of Square Enix getting his English voice so right the first time, that no matter who came next, in a direct comparison it was always going to be extremely hard for his replacement to live beyond his shadow.

Quinton Flynn is as perfect a choice for Reno as it comes. His voice is inherently, naturally "character-y", giving Reno a slick, smooth talking charm and charisma, while effortlessly cracking enough to show off his cockiness. He's responsible for some of Advent Children's absolute funniest moments, without ever making Reno feel like a caricature.

Of course, none of this is a knock against Arnie. His performance is totally fine by its own merits, and it's a different spin on Reno rather than simply trying to ape Quinton. He plays  Reno with a weaselly sneer and a youthful energy that naturally bounces off William Stephens' Rude, Cody Christian's Cloud, and the rest of the main cast. He also gets to sell how unscrupulous Reno can be while he's on the clock, getting some pretty nasty deliveries during the plate drop. But alas, if we have to make it a debate of who I prefer as Reno, Quinton is just too hard an act to follow, with that extra bite and a devilish edge that makes him the one for me.



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