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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Professor Hojo with sound clips and images.

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Professor Hojo is Shinra's chief scientist, and a crucial antagonist in Final Fantasy VII. As the architect of the Jenova Project and of SOLDIER, the initiatives driven to create genetically modified supersoldiers, he is the closest thing there is to Sephiroth's father. Obsessed with the Ancients and their close link to the Planet, Hojo conducts twisted experiments on living beings without any regard for scientific ethics. His goals are to bring humanity closer to the mysterious being Jenova, and to empower and revive his "son" Sephiroth.

Created by NCZ on May 1 2020


There is a recurring theme with the Compilation's cast, where many casting choices are squandered by either a lack of material or inconsistent voice direction. Hojo unfortunately falls squarely in the latter category. Paul Eiding as Hojo is a great idea. He's a terrific actor and the thought of him playing an unsettling, morally unscrupulous scientist is rife with potential - Colonel AI is proof he can loosen his screws. Unfortunately, they ended up having him do a stereotypical squawky mad scientist voice that is both far too on the nose and awkwardly executed. Hojo is one of the darkest characters in FFVII, and the voice they had him do is just too comical to take him seriously. It lets down an awesome actor who easily has a role like Hojo in his wheelhouse.

James Sie is night and day. How I feel about Hojo is similar to how I feel about Cloud - he benefits MASSIVELY from Remake's fundamental understanding of FFVII's characters. James's performance is utterly unnerving. I don't really know what else to say. His core performance is far less over the top, and masterfully paced. He knows exactly when to reign his performance in and when to ramp himself up, such that those moments matter. This careful consideration of his tactics makes Hojo creepy by simply making him unpredictable, yet controlled. There's just not much else to say - it's a total home run. Great against-type casting choice and excellent VO direction. I do think it would have been nice if Paul got a chance to show what he can really do, but it's really hard to be unhappy with James's performance.



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