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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Nanaki with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Final Fantasy

Nanaki is the real name of an animal kidnapped and experimented on by Professor Hojo, who codenamed him "Red XIII". The last of his species, he hails from Cosmo Canyon and was tasked with protecting the Planet until the end. Nanaki hated his father Seto, believing him to be a coward who fled their village, but when he learns the truth, he is brought to tears. Nanaki's species lives a long life, so he often waxes philosophical and projects a wise, mature image. By his species' standards though, he's actually about 16 years old, so his true personality is naive and ingenuous.

Created by NCZ on Apr 30 2020


Nanaki is by far the character who got shafted the worst in the FFVII Compilation, having a grand total of one line in Advent Children. Liam O'Brien is a reliable casting choice and a natural fit on paper; his single line is tried and true territory for him. However, that applied even moreso as the FF series went on - he gained the roles of FFIV's Kain and XIII-2's Caius, both of whom he uses the same (always wonderful!) voice for, and has become much more closely associated with. Because of all this, even before word came out that Remake was wiping the slate, I had a pretty good feeling he wouldn't have stuck around, as there really wasn't much for anyone to sink their teeth into and his talents have served well elsewhere in the series.

Enter Max Mittelman, and what a winner he turned out to be! It would have been easy for a "stunt" cast like this to feel forced or gimmicky, but Max manages to use his lower register with complete stride. He comes across as beyond his years without resorting to a party trick voice, and his actual acting isn't held back at all - on a technical level, he's in total control. Hell, the glimpses of his natural, trademark youthful register actually work to Nanaki's favour; they shed light on his secret immaturity, especially during some hilarious deadpan moments. Max was a great left-field choice who so far is paying off marvelously. If he and the directing team continue at this rate, we'll be in for a treat as the story goes on and Nanaki gets to shine.



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