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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Golbez with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Final Fantasy

Golbez, the Man in Black, is a prominent antagonist in Final Fantasy IV. In FFIV, Golbez is a powerful mage and a cruel general who single-mindedly works to procure the Crystals. A master at manipulation, Golbez takes advantage of the darkness in Kain's heart to do his bidding, and counts on his minions, the Four Archfiends, to wreak havoc and stand in Cecil Harvey's way. In actuality, Golbez is Cecil's brother, manipulated by the Lunarian Zemus to undo his seal. Free of his control, Golbez is remorseful and stoic, fighting to redeem himself.

An alternate version of Golbez appears in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker as an antagonist of the post-MSQ patches. In Endwalker, Golbez's very name strikes fear into the other resident Voidsent of the Thirteenth. He still maintains his cruel personality and, with the four fiends, stands against the Warrior of Light.

In Final Fantasy IV and the Dissidia Final Fantasy series, Golbez is voiced by Peter Beckman. In Endwalker, Golbez is voiced by Joseph Capp.

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