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Ronan the Accuser

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Ronan the Accuser with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Jan 31 2011
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Today on the Fantastic Four VC section we will be having another VC on one of the members of the Fantastic Four's Rogues Gallery and this time its for the Kree's Mightiest Warrior this judge and executioner... RONAN THE ACCUSER! Unlike other FF characters while Ronan has been around since the 1960's in the comic books his VA debut was in the 2006 Fantastic Four series where Michael Dobson voices the role. While Michael Dobson does have a pretty good voice range it is not often where one can hear his deeper voices however this is fine proof that Michael Dobson can do fairly deep voices just fine. Michael's voice and performance captures Ronan's prideful nature as someone whom is a little too willing to uphold the Kree Justice system a little too well with a somewhat menacing sense of style as well. Michael Dobson's performance as Ronan is one of his more interesting performances and is a great example of the voice acting in this Fantastic Four series.

Ronan's first appearance in 2010's animation was as a guest star in the Super Hero Squad Show voiced by Michael "Worf" Dorn whom I will already say is a fine alternative. One thing I liked about Michael Dorn's voice and performance for the role is that unlike a lot of other performances in that show it would work if Ronan was in a lot more serious minded series however it doesn't feel too out of place for this show's light hearten nature. But still while Ronan does spend some time being lets just say surprised, Dorn fortunately gets to spend some time getting Ronan to sound sinister as well. Basically I will say that this is another interesting example of Dorn's voice work and is one of the best special guest performances in that show and is one of the better performances in that show in general. Overall I am really not sure on this one as both of these guys did very well here.

(Update: Keith Szarabajka takes over the role of Ronan in Avengers EMH while James C. Mathis plays the role in Hulk Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Keith's voice as Ronan is rather good as it is geninely deep and menacing. However while Keith's performance is certainly not bad he seems to be more playing Ronan as a conquering warlord than an overzealous judge but it still does have a suitably menacing feel to it. As for James' work as Ronan while his voice is a bit ligher compared to the others it is still suitably deep. James' performance for the role was rather good as it does make Ronan sound authoritative and suits his overzealous judicial nature. So overall none of these guys are bad but I suppose in retrospection I will go with Michal Dobson a bit more here.) 



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