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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Mad Thinker with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Fantastic Four

The Mad Thinker is a Marvel Comics supervillain who debuted in Fantastic Four #15 (June 1963). Much of the Mad Thinker's past, including his real name, is unknown, but he began his criminal career by fighting the Fantastic Four. He had used his intellect and advanced computers to plan out the best way to defeat them and gather the crime bosses together under his rule. Nevertheless, he was defeated by the Fantastic Four and was sent to prison. He has remained a threat to the Fantastic Four and the Marvel Universe ever since. In the Ultimate Universe, the Mad Thinker was Rhona Burchill, a girl who rejected for the Think Tank project for her psychotic tendancies. She would get revenge against the Think Tank, but she was stopped by the Fantastic Four. The Mad Thinker has no superhuman abilities, but is an extraordinary genius and holds one of the most analytical minds on the planet. He has an eidetic memory and can organize and recall information rapidly. He has built a robot called Amazing Android which has superhuman strength and superhuman durability.

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