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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Harah with sound clips and images.

Number of Comparisons: 2
Franchise: Dune

Harah is a Fremen from Sietch Tabr.  When her husband, Jamis, was killed in a duel by Paul Atreides, she and her sons became Paul's responsibility by Fremen custom.  She would prove herself to be a valuable member of Paul's household, becoming nurse to his sister, Alia, as well as the wife of Stilgar, and, later, the adoptive mother of Paul's children.

Created on Jun 23 2020
Dune (1992)
HarahKaren Strassman
Karen Strassman (NEW CLIP)


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Who do you think has been the best from these Harah voice actors?
Karen Strassman
Jodi Forrest