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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Trunks with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Aug 7 2009
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This particular voice compare will be for the Future Trunks we saw in the Cell Saga, as well as the adult version of Kid Trunks as seen in the GT timeline.

Oddly enough, his first English voice actually came out in 1997 with the rather obscure English release of Dragon Ball GT Final Bout for the PS1. Before they became a known force in Anime English dubs in the 2000s, Bandai had a small history of English versions of their games in the 90s--but they didn't exactly have a good reputation of it either and this game is no exception. Still, this dub of Final Bout was way better than the likes of that Kamen Rider game for the Sega CD, even though that might not be saying much.

Anyways, to finally get to the point, in this fairly old dub Skip Stellrecht voiced Trunks. What really made this an awkward miscast is when he pretty much slipped into his later "Might Guy" voice from Naruto. But to be fair, his Trunks voice did not always sound like that and it does get slightly better in those cases. Skip Stellrecht is a good VA but this isn't exactly the best example of his handiwork; though in all fairness it's not the worst in that game.

In the early 2000s when FUNimation got to the Cell Saga of the series, he was voiced by Eric Vale, and this is what made him into a bit of a fan favorite amongst FUNimation's fanbase. And to be honest it's rather understandable; Eric Vale's voice and performance for Trunks was rather fitting and it's still deemed to be some of his best work, which I can agree with.

In the EuroCanadian dub of DBZ he was voiced by Alistair Abell. Now, I am very much a fan of the Ocean Group and hold plenty of their VAs in high regard. But let's just say Alistair did not leave a good first impression to put it REALLY mildly. His voice and delivery seemed somewhat off--while not the worst voice acting I ever heard, it still raised an eyebrow. And while I am well aware that Kirby Morrow took over the role of Goku later on in the Cell Saga, I did (and in a way still do) feel that he would've been much more suiting for Trunks instead. But to be fair, while Alistair didn't get off to a good start he did improve over the course of the series. Once he really tried to make the role his own he did get better.

And last but not least is Matthew Erickson as Trunks in the Blue Water dub of DBGT. Unlike his Ocean Group counterpart, Matthew's handiwork felt rather natural right from the start. His voice and acting did fit the young, purple-haired Saiyan. Matthew Erickson's Trunks is easily one of the better performances in the Blue Water DBGT dub, but all things considered that does make sense.

Overall I am not quite who to prefer over Eric Vale and Matthew Erickson. I felt a bit iffy about Alistair Abell at first but he did grow on me. Skip Stellrecht might be a good choice for Trunks--if only his voice direction was a bit more consistent.



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