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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Puar with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Dragon Ball

Puar is Yamcha's cat companion. Puar is very dedicated to Yamcha and would gladly do anything to please him. Puar also often serves as the voice of reason for Yamcha, and has a love/hate relationship with Oolong, whom both are shape-shifters. He is officially a male, but sometimes referred to as female by mistake.

Puar was first voiced by Cheryl Chase (as Carole Wilder) in the short-lived Harmony Gold dub of the original Dragon Ball in the late-80s in one of her first voice roles (she later went on to voice Angelica Pickes in Rugrats).

In the short-lived dub in the mid-90s by FUNimation and BLT Productions, Puar was voiced by Kathy Morse for both the movie and series. In the original short-lived dub of Dragon Ball Z from FUNi/Saban (recorded at Ocean Studios), Cathy Weseluck took over the role. She later reprised the role for the EuroCanadian AB Groupe dub of the second half of the series. For AB Groupe's dub for the original Dragon Ball (recorded at Blue Water), Kris Simms voiced the character. Jodi Forrest provided the voice in AB Groupe's dub of some of the movies.

For the FUNimation in-house dubs of the franchise, the character was usually voiced by Monika Antonelli, however in recent media (such as DBZ Kai and DB Movie 1), Brina Palencia has taken over the role.

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PuarCheryl Chase
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