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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of King Vegeta with sound clips and images.

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King Vegeta III is the third King named Vegeta who is king of the planet which is also named Vegeta. In theory he is the ruler of the Saiyan warrior race and the most powerful among them. In practice he's mostly just Frieza's glorified lackey who has been outstripped in power by his own son, some random low-class warrior and a baby. Somehow his lack of any real talent, skill or power and his secondary occupation as a cat god's living chair hasn't stopped King Vegeta from becoming extremely arrogant, which is basically the beginning and end of his personality.

In all of his appearances King Vegeta has been voiced by Chris Sabat. However, alternate dubs of various properties have had different actors. In Z's Ocean dub he was voiced by Terry Klassen in one flashback and Brian Drummond in another. In AB Groupe's dub of the original Broly movie he was voiced by Ed Marcus. In Bang Zoom's short lived dub of Dragon Ball Super he was voiced by Michael McConnohie.

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While Chris Sabat really isn't what I would consider an ideal choice for King Vegeta since he's just doing a more pompous version of his regular Vegeta voice I have to consider him the best by default. All of the other actors are hindered in some way by the circumstances of their performance. Michael McConnohie and especially Brian Drummond had very little to work with, Terry Klassen didn't get to show King Vegeta's arrogant personality and misdirection leaves Ed Marcus sounding like some crazy old coot. Props to Terry for doing a really unique voice though.

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