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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Goku with sound clips and images.

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Goku is the main protagonist of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. He is the father of Gohan and Goten, husband of Chi-Chi and grandfather of Pan.

Goku (also known as Kakarot) is a full-blooded Saiyan, and over the course of the series strives to become to strongest and most powerful fighter he can possibly be. He is usually the first character to achieve new plateaus of power and uses his abilities to uphold peace on Earth and throughout the Universe.

Besides being the most powerful fighter in history he is also pure of heart, naive, innocent, cheerful, energetic and has an incredible will power.

In the English dub of the Dragon Ball Z anime by Saban and Funimation Goku was originally voiced by Ocean Group voice actor Ian James Corlett for the first season until he left.

Goku's replacement was Ocean Group voice actor Peter Kelamis for season 2. Kelamis also voiced Goku for the original English dub versions of the first 3 Dragon Ball Z movies.

However when Saban parted ways with Funimation the role was recast and Sean Schemmel then voiced Goku from season 3 to the end of the Dragon Ball Z series. Sean Schemmel also voices Goku for the re-dubbed episodes originally voiced by Ian James Corlett and Peter Kelamis, the anime films, the re-dubbed films originally voiced by Peter Kelamis, and the Funimation version of Dragon Ball GT. Sean also voiced Teen Goku in the final saga of Dragon Ball. For Dragon Ball Z Kai Sean Schemmel reprises his role as Goku.

Peter Kelamis still voiced Goku in the Ocean Group version of the DBZ anime for European and Canadian broadcasts. However Peter Kelamis stopped voicing Goku during the Cell Games saga in order to focus on his career as a comedian. Kirby Morrow then voiced Goku until the end of the series for the Ocean Group version.

In the Blue Water dub of Dragon Ball Teen Goku was voiced by Jeffrey Watson.

In the Blue Water dub version of the Dragon Ball GT anime for European and Canadian broadcasts Adult Goku was voiced by Jermiah Yurk.

For the 1997 video game Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout Goku was voiced by Steve Blum.

Goku was also voiced by David Gasman in the French-produced AB Groupe dubs of the first few DBZ movies.

An unknown voice actor voiced him in a Malaysian English dub of DBZ movie 12

Nesty Calvo Ramirez voiced Goku for the "Speedy" Filipino English dub of DBZ movie 5.

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