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Fortuneteller Baba

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Fortuneteller Baba with sound clips and images.

Number of Comparisons: 6
Franchise: Dragon Ball

Fortuneteller Baba is an old witch and the older sister of Master Roshi who appears for the first time in the Commander Red Saga in a vision, as Goku was seeing the past, present, and future on Korin Tower. She is a rude, old woman who frequently bickers with her brother Roshi quite a lot, as well as having seen futures for over five hundred years, though not without a price.

Created by Bry on Oct 3 2019


For a good chunk of these, the women do a much better job than any of the males.

Elan Ross Gibson sounds pretty decent but I don't really think she's all that memorable and sounds a bit younger than what I'd expect her to sound.

Linda Young is the long running voice actress for Baba, and I think her old granny voice fits the fortuneteller much more than Frieza. She gets the annoyed, cantankerous side a lot better than the others on this comparison.

Laurie Steele was Baba for a time being. She's alright, but it feels like her performance is just the old voice and nothing more.

Now.. onto the males. Corby Proctor voices Baba in the Blue Water Dragon Ball dub. It's awful and reminds me of Shrek's Pinnochio, but I get some chuckles out of how bad it is.

Brian Drummond voices Baba later after Ms. Gibson and I honestly think he's the worst here. It sounds nothing like an old lady and sounds more like a Sesame Street esque falsetto. He also sounds more annoying and loud than a bickering old lady, and overall I just do not like it at all.

Chris Sabat voiced Baba in Revenge of King Piccolo, it's really not as bad as you'd expect it, but it sounds way too much like his other roles. I dunno where Linda went or what, but I'm glad Chris was only just a fill-in.

1. Linda
2. Laurie
3. Gibson
4. Sabat
5. Corby
6. Brian



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