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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Emperor Pilaf with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Dragon Ball

Who better to celebrate 100 Dragon Ball voice compares with than Emperor Pilaf , the original villain of the storyline? A short, stubby blue thing with plans of world domination, Pilaf is greedy and works with his lackeys Shu and Mai so they can collect the Dragon Balls and achieve this goal. Despite this, as a trio they're largely incompetent and comedic, and as an individual Pilaf is pretty childish and immature, so they never really succeed at anything. Somehow they manage to kick around until GT though, which takes dedication.

For the initial Harmony Gold dub of the Dragon Ball series and the Mystical Adventure movie, Dave Mallow voiced Pilaf.

Mike McFarland voiced Pilaf for Funimation's redub of Mystical Adventure, produced in 2000.

Pilaf was voiced by Don Brown for Ocean's initial trial dub of Dragon Ball, and by Dean Galloway for the later full dub recorded at Blue Water (as well as for their dub of GT).

Since Funimation's complete dub of Dragon Ball, Chuck Huber has been Pilaf's main English voice.

Created by NCZ on Feb 24 2016
Special thanks to Nightmare Crusher for additional sound clips.


Chuck Huber's the voice actor who's played Pilaf lonest (in English), so he's the one who's pretty much got to go with him and flesh him out from beginning to end. His screechy but raspy voice is a natural fit for the diminutive dictator... wannabe, and is very reminiscent of Shigeru Chiba's original take. Dean Galloway's played him the second longest and his take is pretty different, going for a more gravelly voice that makes the comedy more understated. I kinda wish Don Brown got more to do with him - his take has some pretty obvious potential to it. Dave Mallow's voice plays up more of the lighthearted aspects and McFarland's fairly similar to Chuck Huber, but didn't get as much to do, what with being a one-off and all.

Overall, I give my vote to Chuck Huber.



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