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Eighter / Android 8

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Eighter / Android 8 with sound clips and images.

Number of Comparisons: 3
Franchise: Dragon Ball

Eighter is a good natured and peaceful robot, seen as defective by the Red Ribbon Army. His steadfast refusal to fight in situations that Goku usually finds himself in is challenged when Goku himself is injured, giving him a fired retaliating move to punch out whoever beats up his new friend.

Created by Bry on May 20 2020
Eighter / Android 8Mike McFarland
Mike McFarland (NEW CLIP)
Eighter / Android 8Jeremiah Yurk
Jeremiah Yurk (NEW CLIP)
Eighter / Android 8Dale Wilson
Dale Wilson (NEW CLIP)


Mike McFarland does this deep voice that I really think was because the design was basically Monster of Frankenstein and not due to the personality of the character at all. He gets the peaceful nature down but the voice is ehhh..

Jeremiah Yurk sounds really put on and fake. It doesnt really help that he does this forced growling voice that just enunciates how miscast he was as ol Eighter.

Dale Wilson I think could have worked if DB got that far in Vancouver, but the voice he has here is rather throwaway and nothing too memorable.

1. Mike
2. Dale
3. Yurk



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Mike McFarland
Jeremiah Yurk
Dale Wilson