Dr. Gero / Android 20
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Dr. Gero / Android 20

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Dr. Gero / Android 20 with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Dragon Ball

Dr. Gero was the original creator of the Red Ribbon Army and creator of Android 8, Android 16, Android 17, Android 18, Android 19 and Cell. He also transformed himself into Android 20.

Created by Pokejedservo on Jul 9 2009
Special thanks to Foxwolf, NCZ for additional sound clips.


Ah yes Dr. Gero, aka Android 20--not exactly one of the smartest "Super Geniuses in Robotics" but that's a different story. He is also today's subject for a Voice Compare.

First up, we have Kent Williams for FUNimation's side, the first English VA for the not-so good Doctor. While Kent Williams' acting career began in the early 1970's, Dr. Gero was one of his earlier voice acting roles. And while it's not his finest work--even regarding the DB characters he voiced--it certainly works well enough.

And as for the EuroCanadian dub of DBZ, we have one of the Dobson brothers--Brian Dobson. In retrospect, Brian Dobson probably wouldn't be my first choice when it comes to Ocean's VA talent, but this dub often wanted to go for "sound-a-likes" and in this case it worked. The difference between the voices are fairly existent, but very small.

And the last, but in a way the least, is Jonathan Love in the Blue Water dub for DBGT. First of all: okay, who forgot to tell him that he was voicing an old man? Seriously, is it just me or does his voice sound a little too young for an old man like Dr. Gero? But while his voice is definitely the weakest among the Gero voices, his acting is not that bad. So the worst thing I can say about Jonathan Love in this case is that he was VERY much miscast as Dr. Gero IMO.

So basically to make a long story short, to me it's a tie between Kent Williams and Brian Dobson--with Jonathan Love at dead last.



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