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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Bulma with sound clips and images.

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Bulma is the main female protagonist of Dragon Ball. She can be bossy, annoying, and boy crazy. Because of her wide personality, and place in the story, she requires a very good and dedicated voice actress.

In the short lived 1989 dub of Dragon Ball from Harmony Gold USA (recorded in Hollywood, CA, USA) that only covered episodes 1-5, and Movies 1 and 3, Bulma was voiced by now well known LA voice actress, Wendee Lee in one of her first roles.

In the 1994 English dub of Movie 1: Curse of the Blood Rubies from FUNimation/BLT Productions (recorded in Vancouver, BC, Canada), Bulma was voiced by Canadian VA Maggie Blue O'Hara. Unlike most of the cast, O'Hara did not reprise her role for the 1995 English dub of the Dragon Ball anime, although she later returned to the role in 2000 for the AB Groupe/Westwood Media/Ocean Studios English dub of the second half of DBZ for Canadian and European broadcast. 

Lalainia Lindbjerg took over for Maggie for the short-lived 1995 English dub of the Dragon Ball anime, covering episodes 1-13. She also voiced Bulma for two scenes in the English dub of Movie 1 that were added in from episode 2 of the anime after Maggie initially left. She went on to reprise her role for the semi-short lived and heavily edited Saban/FUNimation/Ocean Studios English dub of Dragon Ball Z Seasons 1-2 (covering episodes 1-53/1-67 uncut), as well as the edited Saban English dub of DBZ Movie 3 and Pioneer/FUNimation/Ocean Studios' uncut English dubs of DBZ Movies 1-3.  For the latter half of Season 9, following Maggie's move to Hong Kong, France Perras took over the role.

In the later AB Groupe/Westwood Media/Chinook Animation/Blue Water dub of Dragon Ball GT for Canadian and European broadcast (recorded in Calgary, AL, Canada), Bulma was voiced by Kristen Nowosad. 

In the AB Groupe/Westwood Media/Chinook Animation/Blue Water English dub of Dragon Ball for Canadian and European broadcast, Bulma was voiced by Leda Davies, who had earlier voiced Bulma's daughter, Bulla in the Blue Water English dub of DBGT.

Sharon Mann is believed to have voiced Bulma for the English dub featured in European broadcast versions of the Dragon Ball movies and specials from AB Groupe.

When FUNimation initially took voice production of the franchise to their studio in Dallas, TX, USA with DB Movie 2, Bulma was voiced by Leslie Alexander.

For all Dragon Ball media (except for the first two DB movies and DBZ:Kai), Bulma is voiced by Tiffany Vollmer for FUNimation Entertainment.

For the recent English dubs of Dragon Ball Z Kai and Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies from FUNimation, Bulma has been voiced by well known Texas VA, Monica Rial.

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