Baby Vegeta (Golden Saiyan Ape)
Dragon Ball Dragon Ball

Baby Vegeta (Golden Saiyan Ape)

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Baby Vegeta (Golden Saiyan Ape) with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Dragon Ball

When Baby was losing to Goku's Super Sayian Four form, he transformed (via a mind control Bulma's machine) into a Golden Great Ape.

Created by Music Meister on May 13 2014


Joe Romersa: He was rather...decent. He sounded a little forced, too light and rather generic though he had very limited material. Not one of the games stand out performances.

Adam Hunter: While Adam's deep voice for Baby was somewhat unfitting I have to admit, Adam's voice fits much better for this form of Baby. The effects make him sound a little too metallic and Adam does have an odd delivery here or there but overall, Adam was really good and this is probably one of the Blue Water's stand out performances.

Mike McFarland: Mike, like Adam, uses the same voice for this form of Baby as he uses for normal Baby (with some effects) but the voice itself is a little too high (in fact reminds me of Brian Drummond's Vegeta) considering the size and power of this new form (though I guess the argument could be made that technically only Vegeta's body changed while Baby was only controling the body). Also, one thing I really liked in Mike's original Baby's voice was the creepiness he had but here he seems to lose it.
While none of these actors were bad per say I am, surprisingly going to give it to Adam. I felt his deeper voice reflected this form of Baby, My second choice is Mike. Joe is at a decent fourth.

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Who do you think has been the best from these Baby Vegeta Golden Saiyan Ape voice actors?
Joe Romersa
Adam Hunter
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Mike McFarland