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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Sam-I-Am with sound clips and images.
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A rather persistent character in the Seuss Universe, Sam-I-Am is an energetic, friendly character who wants merely for Guy-I-Am, one who is not fond of green eggs and ham, to try a plate before judging it solely on looks.

Created by Bry on Jan 12 2020


One of my favorite books as a kid, we take a look at the character opposite of Guy-I-Am, Sam-I-Am!

Paul Winchell was the first to voice Sam, and while his take is a classic and certainly really energetic, it kinda sounds kinda impish and old for the design. Still, it's not bad at all, but compared to Paul's Guy, his voice didn't quite fit as seamlessly as Sam.

Howie Mandel voices Sam in the 1996 Dr. Seuss special. He does the same voice he uses for Bobby, which is the same voice he uses for Skeeter, which is the same voice he uses for Animal.. and for Bunsen.. and for Lil' Howie.. and for Gizmo.. Couple with how freaky the portrayal of Sam is in this special, and I really just can't get behind on this on the count of it being completely horrifying. No deal.

Brian Lohmann's take, I grew up with as well, so I have a bit of fondness to how energetic he is. Even if he sounds a little put on for the type of media he's in, his voice fits Sam well enough.

John Kennedy's take is alright, I have nothing to say about it other than it gets the job done for a show skewed towards younger audiences.

Adam Devine, I feel has the advantage out of everyone in this compare, seeing as he's gotten thirteen episodes and the show he's in has an overarching plot with character development and worldbuilding. Anyways, the performance he puts on is really reminiscent of Spongebob and Wander, wide-eyed and energetic, and you can't help but get sucked into his energy. Won't go into any spoilers, but I thought he did especially great in those last few episodes.

1. Adam
2. Brian
3. Paul
4. John
5. Howie



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Paul Winchell
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