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Horton the Elephant

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Horton the Elephant with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Dr. Seuss

Horton the Elephant is a simple, yet faithful, warm and courageous elephant that gives his one hundred percent into protecting babies and cities that cannot fend for themselves. With such a big heart, he is easily ridiculed by others in his appearances until Horton has the last laugh at the very end.

Created by Bry on Jan 13 2020
HortonKent Rogers
Kent Rogers (NEW CLIP)


Right away, I think Hans Conried is my favorite Horton. I see Horton as someone not that obviously dumb or simple, but just an elephant that has a huge heart. Hans really pulls that off with such a quiet and warm delivery.

Frank and Kent go for this more simpleton performance, and it works but it isn't exactly as effective as Hans. You do feel bad for him, though.

John Kennedy's performance is fine for his appearance in a kids-oriented program.

Jeffery Draper reminds me of Brad Garrett a lot. Like seriously, this sounds so much like Brad it's scary.

Jim Carrey plays this royal blue elephant with passion and with such going against his usual "zany wacky" Carrey persona, it's really impressive hearing him!

1. Hans
2. Jim
3. Kent
4. Frank
5. Jeffery
6. John



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Who do you think has been the best from these Horton the Elephant voice actors?
Kent Rogers
Hans Conried
Frank Welker
John Kennedy
Jeffrey Draper
Jim Carrey