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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Doug Funnie with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Apr 16 2011


Today we start the Doug Voice Compare section with the eponymous character of the series... DOUG FUNNIE! We shall of course start with the original Nickelodean episodes of Doug when he was voiced by Billy West. Doug Funnie was not only one of Billy West's first roles and VA performances, his work as Doug is still one of the more renowned aspects of Billy West's career and understandably so. Billy's voice and performance for the role definitely suited Doug's "Sympathetically Dorky" persona rather well. Granted in retrospection Billy's voice for Doug did make him seem a bit older than he was in the Nickelodean episodes but Billy's performance definitely more than made up for it for sure. Basically Billy West's performance as Doug Funnie is still a VERY memorable example of his work.

When Disney took over the show in the mid 90's while the majority of the cast of the Nick episodes did reprise their roles in the Disney episodes Billy West declined the chance to reprise his roles in the Disney episodes so Thomas McHugh got to take over the role. I know that Thomas' voice-work for the show wasn't that well received (much like the show itself) but to be honest I never thought that Thomas' work as Doug (much like the Disney episodes) was all that bad. Thomas' voice and performance still did suit Doug's "Sympathetically Dorky" persona well enough (and ironically enough while the show tried to use puberty as a reason why Doug's voice changed he actually sounds a bit younger). Okay I admit I do agree that Thomas' work as Doug is not as good as Billy West's but its still a good performance nevertheless especially when viewed by its own merits. Overall both of these performances were good but Billy West's work is a bit more classic. 



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