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Scrooge McDuck

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Scrooge McDuck with sound clips and images.

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Scrooge McDuck is a Disney Character that was created by Disney Comics writer Carl Banks whom made his debut in the 1947 Disney Comic Book "Christmas on Bear Mountain". Scrooge is well known as the World's Richest Duck and is also known as a Scotsduck whom is the Maternal Uncle of known Disney Icon Donald Duck. Scrooge is an elderly duck whom has worked his way to be the world's richest duck ever since he immigrated to the US from Scotland in his youth (though the exact details vary) and despite how incredibly wealthy he is Scrooge is also very much an adventurer seeking treasures that would increase his already vast fortune. While Scrooge is highly known as greedy Miser he is often depicted as being quite knowledgeable on proper money management and while his benevolence is highly inconsistent he is rarely ever depicted as villainous though.

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