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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Panchito Pistoles with sound clips and images.
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Panchito is one of the Three Caballeros whom made his debut in the movie The Three Caballeros. (However Panchito first appeared in Disney Comics in 1943 as the eponymous character in his own comic book in which he met and fell for Clara Cluck.) Panchito is a energetic and happy go lucky Rooster from Mexico whom is a good friend of Jose Carioca and Donald Duck and rides a horse by the name of Senor Martinez. Panchito's full name is Panchito Romero Miguel Junipero Francisco Quintero González III in which he was originally known as Panchito Pistoles but in more recent years his pistols have been removed due to censorship.
Created by Pokejedservo on Dec 29 2011
The Three Caballeros (1944)
PanchitoJoaquin Garay
Joaquin Garay
Disney's House of Mouse (2001)
PanchitoCarlos Alazraqui
Carlos Alazraqui


Today on the Disney VC section we take a look at the Mexican in the Three Caballeros... PANCHITO PISTOLES! We shall begin with The Three Caballeros in which Panchito was voiced by late Mexican actor Joaquin Garay. Joaquin's voice was a fairly natural fit for the role as his performance did suit Panchito's energetic persona quite well (not too mention he is also a good singer). So in other words Joaquin's voice work as Panchito is lets just say one of the reasons why The Three Caballeros is a Disney Classic.

When The Three Caballeros made occasional appearances in Disney's House of Mouse, Carlos Alazraqui gets to take over the role here. Carlos' Panchito voice may be a bit higher and more nasally but it does still sound similar to the late great Joaquin's work nevertheless. And while Panchito may have been toned down a bit in this show but Carlos' performance was also suitably energetic (and Carlos is also a pretty good singer as well). So in other words Carlos' work as Panchito is a fine example of his voice work and a good example of the voice work in the show. Overall Joaquin's work on the role is pretty classic but Carlos' work on the role is a pretty good alternative choice as well.



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said at 7:13 PM on Wed Jul 11 2018
Joaquin feels incredibly natural while having a great delivery and sense of energy at the same time. He's just a lot of fun to listen to.

Carlos is decent, though I feel he can get a little annoying after a while. Something about the voice just feels a tad too goofy to me the more I hear it.

Jamie Camil also has a really natural delivery very similar to Joaquin, though a bit more toned down. Though when he does need to, he can really bring out the energy Joaquin had.

1. Joaquin Garay
2. Jamie Camil
3. Carlos Alazraqui
said at 2:22 AM on Wed Sep 27 2017
I'm going with Joaquin Garay. He's just so likeable and full of high spirit in the role plus he has an authentic accent.

I can't really judge Carlos Alazraqui too much since, as others have pointed out, most of the clip is his singing voice provided by Rob Paulsen. In any case they both do a fine job its just Joaquin is more memorable.
said at 7:30 PM on Sat Jan 28 2017
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I think Joaquin Garay's performance seems a little more toned down & natural when it comes to his speaking voice while he sings pretty well, too.

Carlos Alazraqui's Panchito is certainly full of energy and spirited, but his performance seems a little overdone in comparison to Joaquin's here.
said at 2:18 PM on Fri Mar 18 2016
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They're both phenomenal sounding if I do say so myself.

I think I lean closer towards to Joaquin Garay, that scream is pretty amazing.

Carlos Alazraqui is the best modern VA they could have gotten for the role, great as a replacement and a voice match while making the role his own.

I'll go with Joaquin.
said at 7:52 AM on Thu Jul 2 2015
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Joaquin wins just for that scream.
Songbird Rebel
said at 2:52 PM on Fri Jun 12 2015
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I would say that Joaquin will always be the voice of Panchito Romero Miguel Junipero Francisco Quintero González III
said at 9:19 PM on Fri Jan 16 2015
If this page updates to split the singer I'd actually vote for Rob/the singer
said at 2:02 PM on Mon Aug 18 2014
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Carlos put more passion into the role while Joaquin was ok, so Carlos wins
said at 9:03 AM on Fri Jun 27 2014
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It's a 50/50

I prefer Carlos a bit more
said at 3:08 AM on Sat Jun 14 2014
Both do really well here though my vote goes to Joaquin since he made the role.

Carlos is a fine replacement.
said at 7:56 PM on Tue Mar 4 2014 the singing voice still Carlos? It sounds like Rob Paulsen...
said at 11:20 PM on Mon Aug 18 2014
@Jstr4life it is Rob. He confirmed it on his podcast episode with Rabdy Rogel.
said at 11:21 PM on Mon Aug 18 2014
@Ethan *Randy
said at 12:10 PM on Sat Feb 9 2013
I don't know, but Joaquin sounds bland to me
said at 8:23 PM on Sat Nov 30 2013
@Toady_12 How so?
said at 3:58 PM on Tue Apr 24 2012
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Carlos is sopt-on although his voice is an octave higher than Joaquin's portrayal
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