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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Morty Fieldmouse with sound clips and images.
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Morty Fieldmouse is one of Mickey Mouse's relatives whom originally appeared in the Mickey Mouse Sunday Comic Strip Mickey's Nephews in 1932. Morty is one of Mickey Mouse's Nephews and was originally with his twin brother Ferdie Fieldmouse (and sometimes still is) whom were seemingly identical siblings much like Huey, Louie and Dewey Duck. Morty has always been depicted as a young boy mouse whom is alike his much more famous Uncle Mickey (to be more precise Mickey's "Easy-going Everyman" persona). Over the years when Morty does appear he is either by himself or is the only one of the two brothers to get a speaking role. 

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Today on the Disney VC section we take a look at Mickey's Nephew here MORTY FIELDMOUSE! We will actually begin with Mickey Christmas Carol in which Dick Billingsley voiced Morty A.K.A Tiny Tim. Dick plays the role of Morty playing the role of Tiny Tim as a kind gentle young boy and does it rather well. Dick's voice and performance for the role does sound precocious but yet not too saccharine. So in other words Dick's work as Morty/Tiny Tim is a good example of the voice work in Mickey's Christmas Carol.

Nearly 2 decades later Morty is one of the playable characters in Disney Golf in which Disney once again gets a child actor to play the role of Morty this time Cameron Bowen. While Cameron's voice and performance does sound youthful of course Cameron does seem to be playing the role somewhat differently from his early 80's counterpart (however the fact that Mickey's Christmas Carol came out when Dick was 8 while Disney Golf came out when Cameron was 12 is a possible reason why). But still Cameron's work as Morty does suit the role pretty well and is a good example of the voice work in that game nevertheless. Overall I suppose I will give Dick a bit more of an edge here but both of these guys did well with the role here. 



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