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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Etna with sound clips and images.
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Etna is one of the major characters in the Disgaea franchise. She is the (abusive) leader of a squad of Prinnies and Overlord Laharl's closest vassal (which doesn't necessarily mean she's nice to him all the time). She is a manipulative, carefree, and somewhat immature person who doesn't always make it clear whose side she's on or what purpose she's working toward. Despite physically looking like a young teenager, she is actually over 1400 years old.

For the first Disgaea game, Etna was voiced by Amanda Winn-Lee. Since Amanda took time off from voice acting in the mid-2000s to take care of her leukemia-diagnosed son, Etna has been voiced by Michelle Ruff in all of her other appearances (including Hour of Darkness's PSP remake).

Created by NCZ on Oct 12 2013


Both of Etna's VAs did a great job at making her sound mischievous and like a bratty teenager. However, I'm going to slightly give the edge to Michelle. Her performance sounds more passionate and funny, making her more fun to listen to.



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Who do you think has been the best from these Etna voice actors?
Amanda Winn Lee
Michelle Ruff