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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Pandora with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Death Jr.

Pandora is the secondary protagonist of the Death Jr. video game series. She is DJ's best friend and implied romantic interest. Intelligent, curious, and mischievous, she constantly looks for new opportunities for trouble. She has the ability to open nearly anything, which she naturally uses for mischief making. In addition to DJ, her friend group consists of Stigmartha, Smith and Weston, the Seep, and Dead Guppy (a literal dead guppy). She associates with the "weird crowd" because she considers them "more real" than the popular kids.

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Death Jr. (2005)
PandoraAli Johnston
Ali Johnston (NEW CLIP)


In the first Death Jr. game, Pandora's minimal lines of dialogue are provided by Ali Johnston. The game mostly portrays Pandora as a bratty troublemaker who just wants to skip school with her friends and make trouble, and Ali sells this well for how small a role she gets in the game.

In the game's sequel, Pandora's role was expanded significantly, as she went from a character with almost nothing to do to the second playable character and DJ's closest companion. This change saw Pandora go through a noticeable artistic redesign which was accompanied by recasting her voice with Melissa Hutchison. This new version of Pandora was a much more fleshed out character. While her bratty and immature side was retained (in addition to a new sarcastic sense of humor), she also showed that when things get serious, she can rise to the occasion, as she does still care about her friends. Melissa does a great job showcasing the character's new personality facets (what else would you expect from Clementine?) and shows what a well planned recasting can do for a character.

I'll give this one to Melissa, but Ali wasn't bad by any means.



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Ali Johnston
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