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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Tina Armstrong with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Dead or Alive

Created by Pokejedservo on Oct 17 2009


In the last VC for DOA we have the French Blond Buxom Beauty Helena, now this time we shall go for the Southern (and the original) Blond Buxom Beauty of the series Tina! (Though in the first game she was originally a red-head who died her hair blond.)

Out of all the various well endowed ladies in the series she definitely embraces her fanservice role a bit more than the others so to speak to put it nicely. (But then again she is also a Professional Wrestler, Super Model with a little movie career on the side so its only natural that something like that would happen.

In the PS2 game Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore she was voiced by VA Sally Dana and its... okay. While its nice that Sally very much did a Southern accent for her Tina Armstrong voice even though it was a bit thick but it was an average attempt at best. Basically I have heard a lot better performances with a Southern accent but I have heard worse.

Tecmo didn't try again in giving the DOA series any English voice work for the most part until the second DOA Extreme game in which she is voiced by VA Kate Higgens. Now Kate Higgens is by all means a good VA but she is a tad bit miscast here as her voice for Tina was seemingly like her Sakura Haruno voice but with a light Southern accent and that just seems kind of strange. (But then again personally as for California VA talent I would more picture Michelle Ruff for Tina by using her Fujiko Mine voice with a bit of a Southern accent.) Though in all fairness while I do question the voice but I have no problems with Kate's acting though for this role.

Overall neither one was all that great for the role but they do have their pros and cons though.



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