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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Vandal Savage with sound clips and images.
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Vandal Savage is a known DC Comics Super-Villain and a foe of the Justice League and his Comic Book debut was in Green Lantern Volume 1 #10. Vandal Savage is an immortal who has lived for several thousand years, which he became a super intelligent and powerful immortal by being exposed to a mysterious meteorite's radiation in 50,000 BC when he was a caveman by the name of Vandar Adg. Over the several millennial that Savage has lived through he has manipulated several people throughout the ages (in which he has claimed that he has ruled several civilizations under different names such as Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan) but while he is by nature a manipulator he is a capable fighter. Vandal Savage has worked with Super-Villains groups before namely the Secret Society of Super Villains and the Injustice Society though he has created the team Tartaurus (the Anti-Teen Titans) and is the founder of DC Comics' version of the Illuminati.  

Created by Pokejedservo on May 15 2012
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Today on the DC Universe VC section we take a look at one of the oldest characters in all of DC Comics... VANDAL SAVAGE! Let us begin shall we?

Phil Morris- Phil's voice for the role is good as it does have a smooth and elegant feel which works with the role pretty well. As for Phil's performance it definitely suits on how Vandal Savage is a Manipulative Smooth-talking Civilized Gentleman rather well and is a good example of Phil's (and the show's) voice work as well.

Brian Talbot- Brian's work on the role is actually pretty good as he certainly does at least play the "Civilized Gentleman" aspect of Vandal Savage rather well. (But to be fair Vandal Savage only had a small cameo in this game so its not like Brian had a lot of material to work with.) But still while its not as good as his TV show counterparts Brian did a pretty good job with this role.

Miguel Ferrer- While Miguel's voice and performance for the role does make Vandal Savage seem a bit more well..."Savage" but it still does work with the role well enough (as Vandal still does sound like an intellectual manipulator). Anyways Miguel does make Vandal sound considerably sinister as it is another good example of Miguel doing a Villainous role well and a good example of the voice work in the show.

Overall I am going with Phil and Miguel the most with Brian at a decent second place.  



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