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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Ultra Humanite with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Feb 20 2011
Special thanks to Cypo for additional sound clips.


Today on the DC Universe VC section we have a super-villain whom has had quite a history with DC Comics for over 70 years and has had more than one form (even though both of these clips are for his known White Gorilla form) who is known other than... ULTRA HUMANITE! While Ultra Humanite's debut in the comics was several decades beforehand his VA debut was in a few episodes of the Justice League voiced by Ian Buchanan. While the Ultra Humanite was a very evil man in the comics he was far more benevolent in Justice League (but he did get to do some super villainy though). Fortunately the Justice League animated series was part of the DCAU which is quite renowned on how to make Anti-Villains and Ian's performance definitely helped in making this characterization work. Ian's voice and performance for the role had a good sense of anger and pomposity but can also be calm and intellectual as well (one could think of JL's Ultra Humanite as a bit of a mix of Gorilla Grodd and Beast from the X-Men). Anyways Ian had exceptional chemistry with Michael Rosenbaum in Ultra Humanite and Flash's scenes in the show and Ian's performance as Ultra Humanite is another fine example of the voice work in Justice League.

Ultra Humanite's debut in a Video Game is for the MMORPG PS3/PC game DC Universe Online voiced by Brian Jepson. Unlike Justice League this game's take on Ultra Humanite is much more of a flat out old fashioned villainous simian. Brian Jepson's voice for the role is definitely fitting for the role and his performance isn't bad however it might seem a little generic but to be fair that is probably due to how Ultra Humanite's role in the game seems a bit more generic. Now don't get me wrong I am certainly not calling Brian's performance for the role bad at all but it is another case of how a performance may seem better if you view it under its own merits. Overall both of these performances did well in their own way but I suppose I shall go with Ian Buchanan a bit more.  



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