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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Sportsmaster with sound clips and images.
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Sportsmaster is a DC Comics Super-villain whom originally made his debut in All American Comics #85 back in May of 1947 (but he didn't call himself Sportsmaster until 5 months later that year in his appearance in Green Lantern Vol. 1 #28). Sportsmaster's real name is Lawrence "Crusher" Crock whom was a frustrated professional athlete whom went into a life of crime with various sports-themed weapons. While Sportsmaster was originally known as a foe of the original Green Lantern nowadays he is more known as a foe to the Justice League and has been involved in other Villain organizations such as the Injustice Society and the Secret Society of Super Villains. There is actually more than one version of Sportsmaster over the years in DC Comics but despite having different alter ego names their abilities are pretty much the same. 

Created by Pokejedservo on Oct 23 2011


Today on the DC universe VC section we have a little something for this foe of the Justice League... SPORTSMASTER! While Sportsmaster's animated debut was in Justice League Unlimited but sadly he had a silent cameo in that show so we will begin with the first show that Sportsmaster was in that he actually had lines which is Batman Brave and the Bold voiced by Thomas F. Wilson. Thomas pretty much played the role of Sportsmaster as the Super-Villain version of a High School Jock and it works pretty well. Thomas' performance does have a rather energetic feel and suits Sportsmaster as a cocky thug whom is eager for a worthy opponent. (Oh yes and I did rather like the maniacal laugh that Thomas did it gives a nice touch of insanity for the role here.) Thomas' work as Sportsmaster is a pretty good example of his voice work and a fine example of the performances for the "one-shot" characters in the show.

In Young Justice, Sportsmaster was also a one-shot character in the show (whom coincidentally is also made his appearance in the 4th episode of this show alike Batman Brave and the Bold). Anyways Nick Chinlund gets to take over the role of Sportsmaster in Young Justice and he is a decent alternative for the role here. Granted unlike Brave the Bold, Young Justice did try to go for a more serious take on the role here, did they succeed? Well sort of, Nick does a decent job in trying to make Sportsmaster sound sinister, its not really menacing but Nick's work as Sportsmaster was decent and is an alright example of the voice work in the show. Overall I am going with Thomas F Wilson more, Nick's work was okay but to me Thomas gave a more memorable performance here.



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Who do you think has been the best from these Sportsmaster voice actors?
Thomas F Wilson
Nick Chinlund