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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Skeets with sound clips and images.
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Skeets is the little robotic assistant of Booster Gold whom is a small A.I Robot that provides information for Booster Gold (and in nicer depictions moral support). Like Booster Gold himself Skeets also came from the future in which Skeets was one example of the technology that Booster brought with him when he went into the past. Like the mass majority of other comic book characters there are certain differences with Skeets depending on the continuity on some stories he is a cheerful if slightly child-like friend to Booster Gold to someone whom is Booster Gold's aid but will make snide comments mocking how stupid Booster Gold is every change he gets. It usually depends on whether how Sympathetic/Heroic the writer(s) of the story are doing for Booster Gold himself.

Created by Pokejedservo on Apr 28 2011
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Well folks since last time on the DC Universe VC section we had a VC on Booster Gold, I figured it would make sense to do one on his little robotic buddy... SKEETS! We shall begin this Justice League Unlimited in which he was voiced by Billy West (though Billy did reprise that role in Batman Brave and the Bold). While Billy didn't really sound all that robotic as there are little to effects done on his Skeets voice but other than little detail Billy's performance as Skeets was rather impressive. Billy tried to play the role of Skeets as a endearingly cheerful little bot whom really tries to be good moral support to Booster Gold and he did succeed with that well. To make a long story short Billy's performance as Skeets is a good example of his voice work and of the voice work on the show.

In the DC Universe Online game J. Shannon Weaver gets to take over the role here and as one could already tell Skeets is depicted a little different in this game. While Skeets is still by all means Booster Gold's aide in this game while Skeets does want you to help Booster Gold he is more than willing to mock Booster Gold for being stupid enough to get himself into these messes to begin with. I do like on how J. Shannon's voice is more robotic (but of course that is more due to the effects done to J's Skeets voice) and J Shannon's performance did certainly suit how Skeets had a more sarcastic attitude in this game without making him sound too obnoxious. While J Shannon's work as Skeets is probably one of his better performances his work as Skeets is pretty good in general. Overall both of these guys did pretty well for Skeets in their own ways but I will go with Billy West a bit more.

(Update: Ross Douglas voiced Skeets in an episode of Smallville in which Ross' work does fit a nicer and more polite depiction of Skeets. Granted Ross' voice for the role is kind of generic but still decent enough as his performance does suit the role fairly well. So in other words Ross is not bad and is tied in second with J as I am still going with Billy a bit more here.)



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