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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Mr. Miracle with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: DC Universe

Mr Miracle is a DC Comics Superhero whom has had his own comic book series since April of 1971 (and was one of the earlier creations from the late great Jack Kirby when he was with DC Comics during the 1970s). There is more than one version of Mr Miracle over the years but in this case we will focus on the 2nd Mr Miracle A.K.A Scott Free because this was the version that these adaptations have used. While the powers that each version of Mr Miracle had were different there are certain things they have in common with such as the fact that they are highly talented escape artists but the 2nd Mr Miracle Scott Free is the most powerful as he has superhuman strength, immunity to all sorts of poisons and is basically immortal. However while the first and third versions of Mr Miracle (Thaddeus Brown and Shilo Norman respectively) were humans born on Earth the 2nd version Scott Free was raised in Apokolips and had a horribly abusive childhood from one of Darkseid's minions Granny Goodness until he escaped from Apokolips to Earth and then later on he became the hero he is known as today.

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Ioan Gruffudd
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